israel hamas war day 39 update`President of the United States Joe Biden demanded that Gaza’s medical institutions be safeguarded while Israel carries out its offensive in the area. At a Monday event at the Oval Office, Obama declared, “Hospitals must be protected” and urged “less intrusive action” from Israeli forces.

This coincides with the World Health Organization’s announcement that a cease-fire is required to protect civilian life because the situation at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City has gotten worse. Al-Shifa has reportedly halted operations, according to the WHO.

The Israeli Defense Forces announced they will assist in evacuating hospitalized infants while refuting reports that Al-Shifa is under siege. Jonathan Conricus, an IDF spokesman, stated that the defense forces continue to plan to increase operations in the northern

The U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine announced late Monday on social media that it will have to cease operations within 48 hours due to a shortage of fuel. “The humanitarian operation in Gaza will grind to a halt in the next 48 hours as no fuel is allowed to enter Gaza,” UNRWA Director Thomas White stated. Jonathan Conricus stated that the defense forces intend to continue stepping up operations in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

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WHO says more than half of Gaza hospitals are non-functional

According to WHO, about half of Gaza’s hospitals are closed.
Through social media on Tuesday, the World Health Organization announced that 22 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are closed as a result of fuel shortages, damage, attacks, and unrest.

The United Nations health agency stated via X, formerly known as Twitter, that “the 14 hospitals that are still open have barely enough supplies to sustain critical and lifesaving surgeries and provide inpatient care, including intensive care.”

The WHO demanded a swift end to hostilities, proactive safeguarding of civilians and medical care, and adherence to international humanitarian law.

— Meredith Sam

Human Rights Watch demands an examination of Israeli aggression at hospitals in the Gaza Strip.


Human Rights Watch demands an examination of Israeli aggression at hospitals in the Gaza Strip.
Human Rights Watch has called on the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the International Criminal Court to look into Israel’s war crimes related to its attacks on Gaza Strip hospitals.

The Human Rights Watch stated on Tuesday that “no evidence put forward would justify depriving hospitals and ambulances of their protected status under international humanitarian law,” notwithstanding the Israeli military’s assertions on November 5, 2023, of “Hamas’s cynical use of hospitals.”

Even if armed forces encamp combatants with physical disabilities or misuse hospitals to store weapons, they still have to warn the opposing force to stop, give them a reasonable amount of time to stop, and only launch legal attacks on those targets.


In the words of Lula, Israel is engaging in “equivalent of terrorism” in Gaza.


According to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Israel’s war on Hamas is killig innocent women and children in Gaza, which is the “equivalent of terrorism.”

The head of the largest nation in Latin America stated that Israel’s military response in Gaza, where over 11,200 people—mostly civilians—have died, as reported by health officials in the territory controlled by Hamas, does not excuse the conduct of the Islamist group.

“Israel’s behavior toward women and children is the same as terrorism.” Putting it another way, this is how Lula stated it in his weekly social media speech.

“Even if there is a monster inside a place that I know is full of children, I cannot kill the children just to kill the monster.”


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